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TopRocketsBest Advertising Startups is a top 10 of the fastest rising Startups in the Advertising industry. The criterion? – At least 200,000 monthly estimated unique visitors and launched more recent than January 2009 (included).

So, how come are these the most growing advertising Startups? What makes them the best at what they do so that people are looking more and more into them? Info taken from the RocketCompanies database is here to help understand their growth and popularity among the industry’s audience.

Top 10 Best Advertising Startups – The Fastest Growing in the Industry!

The data has been collected for the last two months, registering the M/M growth based on the number of monthly unique visitors. Some may have la larger EUV number, some may have a bigger growth percentage. The important aspect is that they are all growing!


Name U Visitors Growth M/M City Country
1 Freakout 454,343 63% Tokyo Japan
2 Site Scout 3,794,389 45% Toronto Canada
3 Voluum 323,100 30% Krakow Poland
4 Impact Branding Design 201,711 25% Wallingford USA
5 Yengo 415,991 24% Moscow Russian Federation
6 Nster 276,638 22% West Hollywood USA
7 Ad Dynamo 383,681 17% Cape Town South Africa
8 Hsoub 636,087 17% Colchester United Kingdom
9 Appsflyer 263,714 16% New York USA
10 Unbounce 1,676,081 16% Vancouver Canada



Freakout – From Human to Human

Founded in October 2010, by Yuzuru Honda, Freakout is the top advertising Startups in our top 10 best advertising startups report compiled with data taken from RocketCompanies.

Their culture involves, compared to industrialized advertising, the human element, necessary for a better understanding of the market, their motto being:

“Give people work that requires a person”

As the company that created the First Demand Side Platform in Japan, Freakout offers quality advertising services that is not attracting only customers, but has also caught the attention of investors:

2013-03-11 – Venture: $5.4M from YJ Capital

2014-05-15 – Series A: $14.7K from GMO Venture Partners

At this moment, Freakout is registering a 63% growth over the last couple of months, meaning their audience has more than doubled and helped them reach the 1M monthly estimated unique visitors milestone, with a total EUV number of 1,199,770.

As a true “Rocket Company”, we wish them good fortune!

Site Scout – Monthly Estimated Unique Visitors Winner?

What can be said more about SiteScout when we look at their number of monthly estimated unique visitors? It reaches 3,794,389, meaning that their 45% M/M growth has added 1,5 mil to their audience in the last couple of months only (in this case the numbers are influenced by their “plugins”, but they can give an idea of the growth).

Founded in 2009, it is one of the oldest advertising Startups on the market, but also one of the most profitable, reaching (in 2012) more than $20M in revenue, according to TechCrunch.

SiteScout, the Startup founded by Paul Mokbel is a real-time platform that enables creating and managing ads, mobile ads, advertising campaigns and retargeting campaigns.

Its success is visible, both through their audience and rising growth slope, but most of all, through the freedom granted to the customer of having complete control on their marketing strategies and by the quality of their services.

We hope to see more of them in the future!

Voluum – The Ultimate Affiliate Tracking Solution

Founded only 1 year and a half ago, in January 2013, Voluum is a Polish Startup created by Robert Gryn, with amazing success among advertising clients.

The platform is a self-serve affiliate tracking service that enables customers to monitor their affiliate marketing campaigns easy and fast.

The live update is one of the most appealing feature of Voluum, and even though they have not yet received any funding, they are on a path to success.

The experience of Robert Gryn has certainly helped this Startup; in the past he has also founded WeSave, ZeroPark, DealClicks and Codewise. A graduate of the University of St. Andrews, the young entrepreneur has show a lot of motivation and the skill necessary to grow successful Startups.

Voluum is now the leading company in our top 10 best advertising startups, and even if the number of monthly estimated visitors only exceeds by little 300,000, they register a constant growth, just the past 2 months adding 30%.

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