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TopRocketsThis week’s Austin fastest growing Startups is brought to you by RocketCompanies. The top 10 of the most growing Startups in Austin, based on their 6 months growth. Let’s learn who they are and how they have evolved in time.

Top 10 Austin Fastest Growing Startups


6M/6M Growth (%)

Monthly Estimated Unique Visitors


Wide Open Spaces
















Dailyrx News












Wp Engine




Total Frat Move







Wide Open Spaces – The Best Outdoor Social Commerce Network!

Wide Open Spaces was founded by former Yahoo, Yelp and Clover employee and Techstars investor, Dennis O’Dwyer and Chris Mitchell, who had previously worked at Zilliant, Spredfast and SocialSmack. The year 2012 was the launch year for WOS, with seed funding of more than $1.75M from investors like RPM Ventures, Mercury Fund and Dundee Venture Capital and, having a mission to revolutionize the online fishing and hunting market. WOS is now the leading website in curated product from famous and reputable fishing and hunting brands, bringing the prices lower with even 80% or their price during “openseason”, a campaign that implies a 24/7 open shop with 4 days of massive price-cuts! So, you might ask yourself: What is wrong with this platform, because it sound perfect for fishermen and hunters. The answer is: Nothing! The company and the website are on a constant rise thanks to the quality of the work they provide. But this is not all! Being a social commerce platform and having made a vow to quality, Wide Open Spaces relies on contributors. They engage website readers with enough expertise and knowledge about a certain topic to share it with others, having the possibility, in time, to even be hired as a freelance contributors. The website has been a breath of fresh air in the outdoor domain, many say, including Mark Hasebroock, Managing partner, Dundee Venture Capital:

Wide Open Spaces is Changing!

Recently the Startups Business Model is Changing:

“Wide Open Spaces is revolutionizing the online experience for hunting and fishing enthusiasts by building a web platform that provides them with content, community and commerce, all in one place. From the latest viral hunting video to finding a great deal on a new rod to where to fish in the Caribbean, millions of sportsmen and women access our network daily to help them better experience the outdoors. “

The growing contributor network delivers content both wide and local in nature to drive our community engagement. Wide Open Spaces also delivers a comparison shopping engine that allows users to search 1.5M products from 1200 brands across 165 retail partners to find the gear they want at price that works.

The US sportsman market comprises 47M participants that spend $90 billion annually, a passionate and participatory vertical that is highly fragmented and ready for a vertically integrated solution. Wide Open Spaces strives to offer that solution, plus much more to this active but under-served community.

Keeping up the high standards as they have until now and this new content based strategy, will definitely help Wide Open Spaces grow even more and be a constant member of RocketCompanies’ top 10 Austin Fastest Growing Startups!

RxWiki – The Medical Encyclopedia Brought by Professionals

In a world filled with doubtful content, Lou Scalpati decided to create a medical website where only professionals contribute in order to empower patients with the highest quality materials and latest news in the medical area. RxWiki is a medical online encyclopedia created by pharmacists that provides the latest news about drugs, FDA and OTC announcements and natural supplements providers. All content is based on scientific proof, making the website the no.1 information provider to patients not only in the US, but also in the world. They have been featured by, and even Forbes. Their partnership with the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) enables RxWiki to allow a perfect communication between patients and community pharmacists outside the pharmacy. Tech improvements and the power of social media is working in the best advantage of patients, helping them get relevant content and news at home or on their mobile devices. Occupying no.2 in our top 10 Austin fastest growing Startups, with a 265% growth in the last 6 months, RxWiki is on a journey to help people gain access to accurate information, a key factor, especially in the homeopathic domain, where supplements are often taken without medical guidance.

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