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The most popular Italian Startups

In Italy more than 1000 new Startups have been lunched in the last 12 months. These are the most popular Italian Startups (maximum 3 years old) compared to the estimated monthly unique visitors. Company Total Funds Estimated monthy Unique Visitors Growth 6M Growth 12M City 1 musixmatch.com $8.8 M 274,635** 88% 645% Bologna 2 sportube.tv $0.6 M 185,039 648% 373% Roma 3 doveconviene.it $4.5 M 181,291 4% 0% Cagliari 4 apps-builder.com $3.5 …

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US Fastest Growing Start-ups of last 6 months

Max 3 years old startups over 100k Estimated unique visitors Last 6 months growth rate.   Website Total Funds Estimated Unique Visitors Growth 6M City Country sunrise.am $2.2 M 391,759 444% New York USA sqor.com $6.1 M 613,629 204% San Francisco USA greats.com $1.5 M 152,309 110% New York USA peekyou.com $1.8 M 1,287,004 97% New York USA coschedule.com Undisclosed 537,154 62% Bismarck USA bustle.com $6.5 M 1,755,499 48% New …

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Crowdfunding Monsters: TrackR, 3 Campaigns 3 Success 30x Money raised

This is the story of Chris Herbert, Christian Smith and TrackR! A great device to keep track of your items using your smartphone!         Chris, You run 3 over-performing campaigns on Indiegogo. It’s amazing! What’s the secret to have a successful campaign on a Crowdfunding site? It’s all about the product concept and design? Having a great product and design is very important but it isn’t the only thing you …

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Venture Capital

The New Venture Capital

Here is a very interesting analysis by UpFront Venture on the past, present, and future of Venture Capital.  VC Industry changed in the last years, early stage VC outperform late stage VC and multi Stage VC.  The New Venture Capital evolves in communication and services. It’s interesting to see how modern Venture Capital Firms are differentiating providing more value to Entrepreneurs not only with Operational Experience but with HR, PR, Business Development, Marketing …

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Entrepreneur Success Secrets: Don’t Fail Fast!

There is a lot of talk about failure in the world of start-ups. Everyone tells you that it’s not going to be easy, that you need to fail a few times, learn from your mistakes and eventually succeed. But it is all true? Entrepreneur Success Secret. The assumption: The “fail fast” concept is closely linked with the lean startup methodology, encouraging entrepreneurs to test their hypotheses quickly and cheaply to see …

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B2B Markets: one of the best opportunity for Startups

What is the secret of a successful startup?  You can find tons of articles about this. Entrepreneurial qualities, determination, skills, team, environment, methodology, maybe the idea  are all important things, but  the most critical factor for sure is the Market. Without a Market (someone who is willing to pay for your product or service), even the most talented entrepreneur will not achieve success.  In other words, Yes, you must find a solution …

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