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TopRocketsThe the Top 10 Best Analytics Startups (for growing rate) is part of the weekly series provided by RocketCompanies, in an attempt to give insight about the latest developments in the Startup Industry.

The criterion on which this selection is made are these – 5 years old max, and in order to be considered relevant to the audience, only those with at least 500,000 monthly estimated unique visitors.

So, here they are!

Top 10 Best (Fastest) Analytics Startups of this year

No. Crt. Brand 6M/6M Growth (%) Monthly Estimated Unique Visitors
1 G4interactive 113% 1,010,018
2 Tailwind 67% 877,943
3 SumAll 65% 1,287,991
4 Clickmeter 51% 1,497,195
5 Simply Measured 41% 1,742,149
6 Socialbro 27% 1,287,991
7 App Annie 27% 4,122,833
8 Mixpanel 23% 859,007
9 Geckoboard 16% 902,686
10 Umeng 15% 748,000

G4interactive – No.1

G4interactive is a French Startup founded near Paris, by Alexandre Sigoigne and Vincent Blanchon, in April 2010 and works as an online rank tracking and monitoring service for the website’s keywords, in order for the owner to perfectly plan his PPC campaigns and get better results.

This rising Startup managed to raise over $250K in 2012, from private investors, including GAFC Holding.

Currently, G4interactive has reached the 1,000,000 monthly estimated unique visitors milestone, and the growth rate for the last 12 months has been 113%, meaning the Startup has doubled its audience in the last year.

Tailwind – Young Social Startup

Tailwind is an analytics Startup focused on Pinterest, with the goal to help business owners generate high ROI by understanding their audience’s behavior and preferences.

Founded by Daniel Maloney and Alex Topiler, Tailwind managed to raise more than $1M in funding, at the end of 2013, from I2E and SeedStep Angel Group.

This analytics Startup has seen a growth of 67% in the last year, meaning they have more than doubled the number of monthly estimated unique visitors in just 12 months.

Tailwind focuses their interest only on Pinterest with incredible results that have emerged from the founder’s experience with their previous project, The success achieved then and requests from friends to duplicate the methods and adapt them for every need inspired the founders to create what is now a successful analytics startup – Tailwind!

We do hope to hear more from them and that they will keep on growing!

SumAll – Funding Winner

Even if SumAll only ranks no.3 in our top 10 fastest growing analytics startups, this young Startup, founded in May 2012 is the winner in the funding category, among our top 3 featured analytics Startups.

4rounds of investments helped SumAll raise $13.5 M, from various investors:

Venture: $1.5M from Battery Ventures, Wellington Partners and General Catalyst Partners;

Series A: $6M from Battery Ventures and Wellington Partners;

Debt Financing: $2M from Silicon Valley Bank;

Series A from $4M from Sillicon Valley Bank, Battery Ventures and Wellington Partners.

The best part about SumAll is that it is a completely free online software that provides all the necessary information in order for its clients to assess the status of their website and plan their future actions with success.

Founded by Dane Atkinson, former mentor at TechStars, SumAll seems to have the recipe for success, especially by looking at the recent and constant popularity the website is gaining among visitors, the monthly estimated unique visitors number growing by 65% in the last year only.

A Special Mention For App Annie

A special mention is due for App Annie, the free app analytics service focused on track key app metrics

App Annie does all the work of collecting and visualizing your key app metrics – see where every dollar comes from and where every download goes.

they are the N1 for estimated Unique Visitors! Compliments.


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