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Rockets-smallThis is the story of Chris HerbertChristian Smith and TrackR!
A great device to keep track of your items using your smartphone!





Chris, You run 3 over-performing campaigns on Indiegogo. It’s amazing! What’s the secret to have a successful campaign on a Crowdfunding site? It’s all about the product concept and design?

Having a great product and design is very important but it isn’t the only thing you need. Crowd funding success is about creating a movement around your product so instead of focusing on the dollars, we focus on the number of backers talking about the project. When you shift your attention to that number, it changes your entire approach. That’s probably the best way to sum up how our approach is different from a lot of other projects.

What did you do to promote your campaigns?

We follow the Indiegogo project creators guide pretty closely here and use a lot of the techniques there. Our number 1 means of promotion is email. We start by emailing all our friends and family first to get some initial momentum, then existing customers, then interested customers. We then evangelize these people to tell our story with ways to earn Free devices, Free Trips, and Free upgrades to their perks. While PR can drive some traffic, we saw that the purchases driven by PR is minuscule compared to email and word of mouth.

20140604091259-main_2 You last device it’s wonderful and useful! When and in what context was born the idea behind “StickR TrackR”?

After our wallet trackr success we got a lot of customers asking to track other items. From keys to laptops to bikes. And we wanted to make something that was more versatile that could easily attach anywhere. So we decided to take the size down. Our customers also kept on asking us “Is there a way for me to stick the Wallet TrackR on something?” So we knew that people wanted to make Location GPS Stickers and decided to begin with the idea that people are going to stick these things on everything. The next big challenge was recovering the lost items. Before, we could only indicate the last known gps position of the device. However, one of our customers asked us if it was possible to use a network of phones just like Batman used in the Dark Knight to find the Joker. With that point of inspiration, we designed Crowd GPS, a way for users to crowd source the location of their lost or stolen items. Crowd GPS quickly became one of our most popular features and I believe it will lead us to chaining an entire industry.
Indiegogo Campaign:

Did your Startup receive seed funding? Did you plan to raise capital in the future?

We started in 2009 so this was pre-crowdfunding in a lot of ways. We raised initial Friends and Family to get a prototype out the door. We have raised some small capital from Wasabi Ventures, Tech Coast Angels, and VoiVoda Ventures, and a few others. Yes, We plan to raise additional funding to help us scale faster.

What are next steps?

Scale the Crowd GPS network to cover the world so that our users can locate their items where ever they may be.
How many device did you shipped since now?

We’ve shipped over 1/4 million devices.

What about your Team? What make the difference in your team members

Our team has consistently been able to keep our heads down and execute in high pressure situations. I also think one of our greatest strengths is to come up with solutions to problems that aren’t intuitive. Our support team has also really done a great job doing more outreach to our early backers and figuring out how to “Stoke Out” every customer.

Thank you Chris and Compliments again!


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