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The Demo Day, on June 12, 2014, for the Sprint Accelerator, created by Techstars has been an important milestone. Although it represents the end of their first program, 10 promising mobile health start-ups are at the beginning of their journey.

Mobile Health Start-ups Mission

With a goal to create faster, better and of higher quality services all around the world, the 10 start-ups chosen by Techstars are developing a wide range of solutions, from arranging a doctor’s house call faster and easier, to evaluating glucose levels with the help of your smartphone case.

The incredible network of investors and mentors at Techstars are proud of their new alumni and confident their investments and mentorship in these 10 mobile health start-ups.

Techstars Growth Trend

Techstars Growth Trend

John Fein: “Please join me in congratulating the inaugural class of the Sprint Accelerator, powered by Techstars. I’m extremely proud to call each of these teams a Techstars company!

Let’s have a look at who they are and how they will help make a better world!

  • AkibahH – the first of these 10 mobile health start-ups is currently in the process of creating a portable glucose meter so compact, it will fit in a normal smartphone case.
  • Fitbark – Health is not all about humans; our speechless friends need medical care as well, and FitBark will help by creating a mobile platform that will ease taking care of pets.
  • LifeLine Response – The human body reacts differently in various situations. The mobile safety solution created by LifeLine Response will alert authorities in case of danger by analyzing your natural reactions.
  • Medicast – Similar to the uprising Handybook, Medicast is an app that facilitates house call doctors 24/7.
  • Ollo Wearables – focuses their attention on senior care by creating wearable cell phones, voice activated, that will help the elderly contact their family of medical services while monitoring vital signs.
  • Prime – This is a great app that helps you become a better patient. It helps gather all health records on your smartphone, helping you provide all the info necessary for quality medical services, when needed.
  • Sickweather – Checking for weather is out rated. Having access to reports and chances of a certain illness all around the U.S. is great, especially if you are the sensitive type.
  • – The symptom-tracking platform helps reduce ER costs and hospitalization, by offering clinically validated information and giving timely intervention.
  • Tenacity – Working in the medical industry can be straining. Changing employee behavior is an essential step to increase productivity and service quality. Tenacity is here to help!
  • Yosko – The saying “Where’s a doctor when you need one?” will no longer be used with the help of Yosko, a mobile collaboration platform that will help boost communication between physicians, increasing patient safety at the same time.

These 10 mobile health graduates of Techstars’ Sprint Accelerator are giving the medical world high hopes, not only by creating efficient solutions, but most of all through their vision and passion to improve the medical systems all around the globe.

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