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TopRocketsMost growing UK Startups is the weekly report presenting the top 10 fastest growing Startups across the United Kingdom. We have chosen companies younger than 6 years and with more than 500,000 monthly estimated unique visitors a month. So here they are!

Top 10 Most Growing UK Startups!

No. Crt. Brand M/M Growth (%) Monthly Estimated Unique Visitors
1 Raspberry Pi Foundation 40% 1,187,393
2 Green Man Gaming 21% 539,157
3 Sportlobster 15% 563,389
4 Socialbro 14% 700,707
5 Company Check 11% 739,027
6 Squawka 9% 854,179
7 Zoopla 7% 2,423,250
8 Mixcloud 2% 1,801,283
9 Lyst 2% 920,835
10 Whoishostingthis 2% 1,092,466

Raspberry Pi Foundation

The world of computers has evolved to such an extent, that only a small percentage of children and teenagers are curious enough to see what they can really do. Different types of software and application provide enough entertainment for the young generation that it sometimes slows their curiosity and imagination.

Comparing the world of computers and technology available now, to the 80’s, the founding team at Raspberry Pi Foundation have decided it is time to turn on the curiosity button once again and they came up with a credit-card sized computer. Think that’s too small? If you are reading this from your Smartphone, you will change your mind.

Yes, it may only have 512 Mb Ram, but the purpose is not what it has, but what it can do with the hardware in it. And this is for the buyers to find out. The computer’s main purpose is to be programmed to do anything the owner wants.

And it seems their project has been successful, both in the number of monthly estimated unique visitors (currently reaching 1,187,393), and also in the crowd-funding campaign that ended on December 9th, 2013, when they reached $1M in funds.

Today, the Startup founded by Eben Upton is no.1 in our top 10 most growing UK Startups, with a 40% M/M Growth, and we hope to hear more from them in the future.

Green Man Gaming

With little over 500,000 monthly estimated unique visitors, Green Man Gaming is the second Startup in the top 10 most growing UK Startups report presented by RocketCompanies. The M/M growth registered reaches 21%.

Green Man Gamin is a digital retailer of PC games, founded by Lee Packham, in London and in 2012 has acquired Playfire.

When it comes to funding, Green Man Gamin has not been too successful, raising only $147.2K from Kima Ventures on August 1st 2011. We wish them good luck in the future and may we see them again in our top tenz!


More successful in funding than the other 2 featured Startups in today’s top 10 most growing UK Startup, Sportlobster occupies the 3rd place, with a 15% M/M growth and 563,389 monthly estimated unique visitors.

Founded on July 20, 2012, by Andy Meikle and Arron Shepherd, the young Startup managed to raise more than $5M, in several funding rounds:

2012-04-09 – Seed – $750K
2013-09-02 – Series A – $1M from Wychwood Capital Partners
2014-04 – Series B – $3.7M

The Startup has also received undisclosed funds before its launch from Formula 1 driver Mark Weber and former England striker Michael Owen. Andy Meikle, the CEO and co-founder of Sportlobster declared, at that time:

It’s great to have Michael and Mike endorsing the product […]We are now seeing more and more celebrities taking an interest in the site and creating profiles, from England international James Haskell to Danny Dyer.


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