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Having an entrepreneurial spirit and a great idea is not enough to build a great Startup. The right people by your side is a more decisive factor than funds, investors or marketing strategies.
“How to Pick the Right Startup Team” is a piece covering the important aspects, features or character traits you, the Startup founder, need to look for in a future member of your team. And this involves not only your core team (the co-founders), but also employees.

Common Background

First of all, you cannot start a business with complete strangers. On the other side, having your life-time best friend as a business partner might not be a great idea either.
Choosing the right person to stand by your side in building a successful company can be compared to choosing the person you are going to marry. If the success you are dreaming of will appear, this means those you started the road with will be there for the long-run – or at least this is what you should hope for.
The journey of creating a Startup is not without problems. From the technology necessary to funding, there might be setbacks along the road that you and your right Startup team must overcome.
The first aspect that needs covering when choosing the right Startup team is a common background. This involves everything from education to social environment. Being on the same page is important if you are to build a company TOGETHER. Because this is the most important thing: you are not doing this alone; otherwise, you would not be reading this :).
This common background means a lot of things: college or workplace colleagues, people you have encountered at conferences, conventions or any other meeting and with whom you have had a connection regarding your work-field, friends that share your ideas and can contribute to them (and are willing to do so, also).
It is less important where you have met these people, or what your social relationship with them is. What counts the most is how you work together. If the past has shown results, you should consider them for the future.


You have to remember, at all times, that your Startup is the result of what each team-member provides. This is why, even if when building a Startup you might need more than one person with the same skills as yours, try to pick someone who is different.
The right Startup team must me comprised of individuals with different educational backgrounds, so they can contribute to it, and not just repeat what another person is saying or doing. Try to cover all aspects, from tech and financial to marketing and customer care. And remember that one person cannot complete in the right manner, 2 different jobs.
When it comes to your specific area of expertise, a partner is always advisable, no matter how advanced your knowledge is. Having someone to cross your ideas with is important, because it will bring a new perspective, maybe discover flaws or mistakes, come up with a new idea or re-purpose one of your and make it even better.
However, remember that the people you start building a company with, from ground 0 are your partners and not your employees. Treat them with respect and be completely transparent about your intentions and you will have a great team for the long-run.

If You Want a Team, Be a Leader

Building a Startup is like taking a ship to sail on the ocean. There will be sunny, calm days. But you will also encounter storms ahead of you. The ship has a captain. And for your Startup, that is YOU!
Any team begins with a leader. And finding the power of leadership is sometimes hard. You have to present an idea that is not materialized in any way, to a few people that already have a job, and ask them to invest their free time in it.
This is the hardest part in building a Startup. No matter if you are trying to convince friends and family members or Venture investors, it is the same. You are the voice of your company and you must have all the qualities needed for a man who ask someone else to follow them blindly.
No matter what qualities you look for in a future team member make sure you offer the same in return. Passion, vision, perseverance, commitment, dedication and the ability to manage stressful situations without backing away are qualities you need to offer and look for.
Your team will look up to you, so make sure they see everything you see in your Startup. This is the only way you can build the right Startup team that will help you make your dream come true!

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