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The Plastic Bank, founded in 2013 with a goal to preserve our Mother Earth and help developing countries, is the soul child of CEO and founder David Katz, and VP and co-founder Shaun Frankson. Their vision is to empower poor countries with access to ocean shores to harvest washed-up plastic.

Think this is a waste of time? Think again!

 Waste impact on the environment

More than 45,000 tones of plastic waste is dropped every single year in ocean waters, many of them ending back on shores, creating entire beaches of waste. And if anyone believes no action should be taken against this, look at the picture below and convince yourself of the damage it can do to the environment.



The Plastic Bank Goal

We share a vision of clean oceans, prosperous people and sustainable communities

Focusing on a new concept, called social plastic, David Katz believes that recycled plastic can be used as a new form of currency, by creating products with monetary value, and of use to the community, instead of the classic recycling process that has turned hardly any result until now.

Katz believes that “It is important to provide the tools to a community and bring them together to be a part of the solution to eradicate poverty and eliminate plastic waste from our oceans, rivers and waterways“.

In order to demonstrate their goal and support their belief, The Plastic Bank celebrated World Ocean Day, on June 8th by printing their first 3D object, with recycled plastic filament. The result: a wrench! Useful, isn’t it?

Skeptics might say that a better way to reduce waste is to stop using plastic all that much. But until minds are changed at an individual level, the Earth’s Oceans are grateful to David Katz and hise tam  at The Plastic Bank for trying to make them clean again.

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