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Today, information is power. And everyone needs to be informed as fast as possible. The Top 50 News Websites report by RocketCompanies presents the most popular websites in the news industry, by number of monthly estimated unique visitors. Some are global, some are regional or even national websites; some take on a variety of topics, while other specialize in a certain niche; but the truth is this: they reach their audience. So, here they are:

Top 50 News Websites by Estimated Unique Visitors*

No. Crt. Brand Monthly Estimated Unique Visitors 3M/3M Growth (%) Country
1 The Huffington Post 58,420,357 2% USA
2 Bbc 55,916,332 -3% United Kingdom
3 CNN 54,260,768 -18% USA
4 Sports Illustrated 54,260,768 -18% USA
5 Daily Mail 41,968,428 0% UK
6 Buzzfeed 39,943,238 16% USA
7 Dailymotion 36,429,525 -2% France
8 New York Times 34,369,763 -1% USA
9 The Guardian 31,926,319 13% UK
10 Aol 28,049,119 -6% USA
11 Mashable 21,607,313 16% USA
12 Fox News Channel 21,082,275 -7% USA
13 Der Spiegel 18,186,491 11% Germany
14 Wall Street Journal 17,304,044 -4% USA
15 USA Today 16,801,200 1% USA
16 Rt Web Team 15,165,506 19% Russian Federation
17 Nbc News 13,089,589 -7% USA
18 Techcrunch 12,944,194 1% USA
19 ABC News 12,027,398 -2% USA
20 Elmundo Es 10,957,129 6% Spain
21 Cctv Com 9,392,097 -1% China
22 Le Figaro 9,212,389 8% France
23 Los Angeles Times 9, 147, 769 -14% USA
24 Digg 8,915,524 -1% USA
25 The Blaze 7,613,044 -4% USA
26 Vice Media Group 7,514,078 27% USA
27 Sbnation 5,104,980 1% USA
28 Zdf 4,626,372 28% Germany
29 The Next Web 4,523,400 -1% Netherlands
30 Salon Media Group 4,375,969 10% USA
31 Breitbart News Network 4,285,114 3% USA
32 Politico 4,244,726 14% USA
33 Le Parisien 4,093,257 -2% France
34 Medium** 3,721,692 39% USA
35 20minutes Fr 3,626,798 3% France
36 Venturebeat 3,602,565 16% USA
37 Cheezburger 3,523,793 -9% USA
38 Topix 3,271,388 -9% USA
39 Akhbarak 3,269,352 -5% Egypt
40 The Daily Caller 3,125,993 20% USA
41 Genieo Innovation 3,065,411 8% Israel
42 Patch 2,934,136 -12% USA
43 The Globe And Mail 2,817,012 5% Canada
44 Sheknows 2,554,493 -3% USA
45 Eleconomista Es 2,459,599 -5% Spain
46 Moviepilot 2,215,238 -7% Germany
47 Time Warner Cable 2,199,083 4% USA
48 Euronews 1,859,828 -23% France
49 Aarp 1,855,789 7% USA
50 Gigaom 1,841,670 -9% USA

*for every site was estimated only the 2° level main domain and all the subdomains UV traffic .

**why Medium is here?  yes, it’s a platform (amazing, not flexible), but have some top-notch editors, paid writers, and we thought it would be interesting to see here.


So, here they are. The top 50 news websites in the world. These are the main sources of information people use on a global scale, accumulating more than 500 million monthly estimated unique visitors each month. And those that did not make the list are many, adding up to this number.

Among these 50 news websites there are some we can still consider Startups. They have been launched after January 1st 2009, but they have grown at a tremendous rate, in less than 5 years, that they made the cut. We’ll highlight them here, for everyone to meet them (if you haven’t, until now).

RT Web Team

Coming from the Russian Federation, RT Web Team is a news Startup that was launched with a goal not only to provide information when it appears, in a timely manner, but also to bring the human factor. This involves the personal stories, emotions and experiences of those involved in their featured events. Their reputation has grown so big, they made it in our top 50 news websites on the 12th place, with a monthly EUV number of 15,165,506.

The audience  of RT Web Team has reached global boundaries, as the founders desired. But there is more behind RT. The Acronym stand for the former Russia Today TV station, the first Russian Television broadcasting in English. It was founded at the initiative of the Russian Government, with the intent to present the country as more than “communism, snow and poverty” as Svetlana Mironyuk (former director of RIA Novosti – the Russian press agency at the time) declared:

“Unfortunately, at the level of mass consciousness in the West, Russia is associated with three words: communism, snow and poverty,”


“We would like to present a more complete picture of life in our country.”

Their mission has been a success, as far as we can tell. The exposure registered by RT Web Media has crossed the boundaries of national news and events, moving towards global-oriented country and making it the No.1 News Startup around the world by number of monthly estimated unique visitors.

The Blaze

Founded by Glenn Beck in October 2010, The Blaze website was launched in 2011, as an ” alternative to mainstream media outlets”. In its only 3 years and a half since going live, the website managed to attract the American audience by providing true stories, facts and videos, the format being sometimes compared to The Huffington Post by Matt DeLong and Steve Krakauer.

However, the content provided by The Blaze made it reach more than 7,5 million monthly estimated unique visitors, which places it on the 19th position in our top 50 news websites report. Investors have not stayed away and considered it worthy of their funds, even if Glenn Beck’s web magazine received only $6.4 M of the $40M desired in the funding that took place in March 2013.

The reasons behind not achieving the amount initially desired was the investor selection process, which accepted only those one the same level and with the same vision for the website. However, despite the fact that the funding round did not meet its goal, The Blaze continues to prosper by gaining new visitors each month.

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