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So, you’ve read my post about Venture Capital Rounds of Jan 2014 (Part 1)  and looking forward to Part 2?

Your wait is over. Here comes the second part:

Venture Capital Rounds : All VC Rounds Jan 2014 (Part 2)

Venture Capital Rounds: Jan 2014 (Part 2)


HIGHLIGHTS of Venture Capital Rounds, Jan 2014 (Part 2)

  • In Education industry, Flat World Education, Mobile-first, adaptive competency-based learning platform for courses to programs, raised US$ 9.5M.
  • In Enterprise industry, Guardly , Enterprise Mobile Safety Solutions & Real-Time Incident Management raised US$ 1.45M.
  • In Fashion industry, Twice secured US$ 18.5M funding.
  • In Finance industry, 7 out of 36 raised at least $100M.
  • In Health industry, funding ranged between $500K ( and $43.6M (AqueSys, Inc).
  • Four players from Games industry raised between US$ 1.3M and US$ 2M.
  • In Hardware industry, notable was Nest Labs, Inc. who raised whooping US$ 3.2B.

This was second part of Venture Capital Rounds for Jan 2014. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can read it here.

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