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“We believe that things shouldn’t last forever.” words of Paul McKellar, co-founder of Wut, a social app that raised seed round from Foundation Capital with participation from  Google Ventures.

Wut is an insanely simple social app that lets you send anonymish, ephemeral messages to your all your Facebook friends. Wut offers just a text screen with a fluorescent background. Using this app, you can anonymously send push notifications to all your friends. It is less of an app and more of a layer on the phone as it runs on the lock screen.

The WUT idea

We live in information overload and Wut has came up with an idea for us to live in the present moment. No messages are saved. You just observe passing chatter that fits your screen unlike other apps which provide an endless feed of streams that we see but seldom read.

Wut has changed how developers looks at push notifications. In Wut, push notification is the content, not representation of the content!

With announcement of iOS8, Wut gets even more interesting. Latest preview of iO8 lets users interact directly from the lockscreen.

Wut Seed Round Investors

Wut raised seed round from Foundation Capital with participation from Google Ventures. Wut has Dave Morin’s Slow Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Eniac Ventures and SV Angel as other investors in the company.

What this trend suggests? Is this the way Social Software is going?

After WhatsApp, are we now entering the era of Wuts up?

Do simple ideas that convert into quick MVPs get VC’s attention?

Though currently SensorTower, a platform that shows app analytics data and allows marketers and developers to optimize them for more downloads, shows $1,660 as app’s worth as yet, it would be interesting to keep a watch to see how it turns out after the seed round.



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