The final step in Lendesk’s end-to-end digital mortgage experience saves time and adds a layer of security for both Canadian mortgage brokers and lenders

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, February 15, 2023Lendesk Technologies, the premier FinTech provider for Canada’s mortgage professionals, and a part of Rocket Companies (NYSE: RKT), today announced a partnership with Intellifi, a provider of end-to-end digital lending solutions, and Strive, a trusted CMHC approved residential mortgage lender. Through the first-of-its-kind collaboration, Lendesk will streamline the lending experience for Canadian mortgage professionals – brokers and lenders alike.

With this new technology, mortgage brokers can now digitally submit client documents directly from Lendesk’s digital mortgage platform, Finmo, to partner lenders via Intellifi. This innovative, secure solution will help simplify the fragmented, antiquated process used by nearly all Canadian lenders by providing a faster turnaround time for brokers and their clients. Strive, well-known for its ingenuity, will be Lendesk’s first lender to adopt the new, simplified method.

“Finmo has been an industry leader in client document management since the creation of Smart Documents,” said Carter Zimmerman, President of Lendesk. “The addition of this unified and automated document submission to lenders helps brokers securely and efficiently transfer files to the underwriter, adding convenience and streamlining the process while also significantly reducing the potential for fraud.”

Traditionally, Canadian mortgage brokers have not had an efficient way to submit an applicant’s document to lenders, relying on manually collecting the paperwork and sending via unencrypted email. Now, through this collaboration, brokers will enjoy a safer, faster process when submitting clients’ home loan documents, saving time through automation. This technology enables brokers to continue offering a secure, digital experience for their clients while adding a layer of protection when sending sensitive files.

“At Intellifi, we constantly innovate and invest in our platform to match the ever-changing digital lending landscape,” said Derek Cook, Vice President and Managing Director of Residential Technology at Intellifi. “This is yet another example of working closely with our partners to help identify and create next-generation digital solutions that enhance the client and underwriter experience.”

Lenders that are part of Lendesk’s network now have access to the transparency and simplification that comes with an automated document categorization, helping to speed up funding approval. Through this technology, lenders can identify the individual who uploaded the document file, eliminating the need to manually process and identify the source of submissions.

“Since inception, Strive has been committed to creating solutions aimed at simplifying the mortgage process for brokers and customers,” said Marty Frenette, President & CEO of Strive.  “Not only do these solutions enhance the end experience, they also provide significant efficiency benefits for us as a lender. Our collaboration with Lendesk and Intellifi on direct document submission is based on a mutual commitment to this mission.”

In 2023, Lendesk will be expanding the new automated loan document submission, offering to any lender partner that wishes to participate.

Lenders interested in joining the next phase of lender onboarding should reach out to Intellifi at or Lendesk, at

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About Lendesk

Lendesk is a Canadian technology company that is modernizing the mortgage industry for mortgage professionals and lenders. Lendesk operates Finmo, Lender Spotlight, Gateway and Enterprise solutions, with more than 10,000 mortgage brokers using its products. Secure integrations with other industry providers make for an enhanced user experience, while robust bank-grade security measures provide peace of mind. Lendesk was founded in 2014 by former Mortgage Broker Alex Conconi of Conconi Growth Partners.

With employees across Canada, the Lendesk team is composed of world-class software developers, app designers and online security experts. Lendesk is SOC 2 audited annually by KPMG.

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About Intellifi

Intellifi Corporation is a wholly owned subsidy of CMLS Financial Solutions Inc. Intellifi provides mortgage lenders in Canada with leading Commercial and Residential Software and Services. With over 20 years of experience, we are the top-rated service provider in the industry and the most advanced digital end-to-end experience in the market. We are experienced, innovative, and open to co-creating solutions that work best for our partners. We are Lending Solutions Simplified.

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About Strive

Founded in 2020 and lending in most provinces, Strive is an award winning residential mortgage lender comprised of the industry’s best talent and an innovative leadership team with decades of experience. Strive’s ultimate goal is to offer industry-leading products and outstanding services to Canadian mortgage brokers and their clients, and to always exceed expectations through its mission to provide “A Better Lending Experience”.

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