New generative AI resource improves precision and expedites decision-making, helping Canadian homebuyers access mortgage options quicker

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, October 24, 2023Lendesk Technologies, the premier FinTech provider for Canada’s mortgage professionals and a part of Rocket Companies (NYSE: RKT), today announced the launch of its latest innovation: Lender Spotlight AI Assistant. This revolutionary product effortlessly sifts through a database containing thousands of mortgage policies from lenders across the country, delivering answers to intricate questions in mere seconds.

Lender Spotlight AI Assistant simplifies the complex world of mortgage policies by providing quick and accurate solutions to brokers’ most challenging questions, showcasing mortgage options from various lenders that fit a client’s specific need.

“This product is designed to be an indispensable tool for mortgage professionals,” said Carter Zimmerman, President of Lendesk. “Lender Spotlight AI Assistant is set to propel the mortgage industry into the age of artificial intelligence, with an initial focus on simplifying the complexities of mortgage policies. The tool offers unmatched insights, enabling mortgage brokers to swiftly identify policies ideally suited to their clients’ specific needs. Instead of spending hours sifting through thousands of options or contacting lenders for information, brokers can receive immediate, accurate responses within seconds.”

Traditionally, brokers manually read through numerous policies to find the appropriate product for their clients, taking away precious time from working directly with homebuyers and owners. Uncovering specific policies from lenders happens almost instantly with Lender Spotlight AI Assistant, enabling brokers to focus on the most important part of their job – building relationships and giving expert guidance to their clients.

Lender Spotlight AI Assistant can be utilized in a variety of ways, equipping brokers to customize their experience and search based on their needs. If a broker knows the specific product they are looking for, and has a lender in mind, Spotlight AI assistant can easily scan only that lender’s programs and policies to offer the best solution. If a broker is looking for a broader recommendation to instances like how to account for spousal support, rental properties or investments – or perhaps is not yet as familiar with niche policies from various lenders – the AI assistant can do the work to offer a variety of solutions that might fit a client’s parameters.

“As one of the first companies to test this transformative technology, we have been extremely pleased with the results,” said Hash Aboulhosn, President of Rocket Mortgage Canada. “Our top priority is providing excellent client service – this tool helps lessen time spent searching through lender products, empowering our agents to streamline their workflow and assist clients more knowledgably and quickly.”

In addition to providing access to the Spotlight AI Assistant, brokers can leverage educational resources from Lendesk to optimize the tool and implement AI across their entire workflow. Lendesk’s Lender Spotlight AI Assistant is now available for $29/month.

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About Lendesk

Lendesk, a Canadian technology company and a part of Rocket Companies (NYSE:RKT), is modernizing the mortgage industry for mortgage professionals and lenders. Lendesk operates Finmo, Lender Spotlight, Gateway and Enterprise solutions, with more than 10,000 mortgage brokers using its products. Secure integrations with other industry providers make for an enhanced user experience, while robust bank-grade security measures provide peace of mind. Lendesk was founded in 2014 by former Mortgage Broker Alex Conconi of Conconi Growth Partners.

With employees across Canada, the Lendesk team is composed of world-class software developers, app designers and online security experts. Lendesk is SOC 2 audited annually by KPMG.

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About Rocket Mortgage Canada 

Rocket Mortgage Canada is a digital mortgage broker and lender and a part of Rocket Companies (NYSE: RKT). Rocket Companies is a Detroit-based holding company consisting of personal finance and consumer technology brands including Rocket Mortgage, LLC, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S. Founded in 2020, Rocket Mortgage Canada aims to transform and modernize the mortgage experience in Canada by providing a streamlined process for individuals looking to purchase a home or refinance their mortgage. Rocket Mortgage Canada’s mortgage agents aim to deliver the highest level of client service. For more information, or to apply for a mortgage, visit