Work / Life Benefit Program Includes Discounts and Mortgage Education at No Cost to Employers

Livonia, Mich. – April 07, 2005 – Quicken Loans® Inc., the nation’s largest online mortgage lender, announced today that MCI, EDS, Google, the Detroit Pistons, SkyWest Airlines and the Robert Bosch Corporation all have enrolled in the Quicken Loans Home Loan Benefit Programs. Other companies in the program include AT&T, Intuit, Oracle and Qualcomm.

As part of the program, each company’s employees receive discounts on closing costs and mortgage education via onsite seminars and webinars. Participating companies also are assigned a team of Quicken Loans mortgage professionals who assist employees with their mortgage needs, whether it’s to purchase a home, refinance their existing mortgage, or take out a home equity loan.

“The Quicken Loans Home Loan Benefit Program is a no-cost, turn-key, work / life benefit program that can provide great value to companies in any industry,” said Bill Rice, Vice President of Corporate Programs. “Participating companies incur no out-of-pocket expenses to implement the program, which is fully managed by Quicken Loans.”

“Quicken Loans was ranked #12 on FORTUNE Magazine’s 2005 list of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in America, in large part because of our benefit programs,” Rice continued. “We provide mortgage assistance to our own team members. It’s so popular we thought it made sense to offer it to other employers interested in augmenting their employee benefit programs.”

There is a rising trend in turn-key employee benefit programs of this type, as companies work to meet the challenge of providing their employees with a robust benefits package, while at the same time managing costs. Many are turning to innovative benefits programs that provide their employees real value, but at no additional cost to the company.

“Beyond the traditional benefits package, we want to provide our employees with new and unique benefits that save them time and money and make a real difference in their personal lives,” said Necia Clark-Mantle, Vice President of People at SkyWest Airlines in St. George, Utah. “In many cases, getting a mortgage can be difficult and expensive. By working with Quicken Loans, which has a great reputation and is known for its client service, we’re making the mortgage process easier and also less costly for our team members.”

“I was able to lower my mortgage rate and reduce my monthly payment,” said David Wieme, a Detroit Pistons employee who refinanced his mortgage via the Quicken Loans Home Loan Benefit Program. “But the real value was working with an expert who took the time to research a variety of mortgage programs and educate me on the advantages and disadvantages each had for my long-term goals.

Understanding my options and selecting the program that best suited me certainly has helped me improve my overall financial situation.”

Only six percent of employers offered mortgage assistance programs to their employees in 2000, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, but that percentage has since doubled. With housing costs and mortgage rates on the rise, mortgage programs and home financing education figure to remain important to employees.

“The feedback from our associates who have used the Quicken Loans Home Loan Benefit Program has been very positive,” said Rick Nork, Chief Financial Officer at Bosch in Broadview, Ill. “I think people appreciate it, are looking for it and have found value in it.”

For more information about the Quicken Loans Home Loan Benefit Program, visit or call 1-800-863-0446.

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